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New 1056 Plastic Hinge Features Quick Fit Facility

EMKA's innovative new 1056 180° hinge design packages a number of features of value to specialist enclosure and cabinet builders where it offers rapid fixing, together with high performance and low cost. This new 1056 program hinge is highly suited to simple box and lid installations where substantial quantity production is envisaged at low component cost, such as some electrical, electronic and pneumatic controls or instrumentation.

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EMKA 1011 Series Gasket

Did you know that EMKA offers over 30 different types of gasket profiles to suit all types of cabinet and housing applications?  EMKA’s 1011 series of standard profiles provide sealing levels up to IP65 and is available in materials to ensure the best performance, e.g. by using the durability of PVC with the flexibility of EPDM or the oil resistance of perbunan.
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