New 1056 Plastic Hinge Features Quick Fit Facility

1056 plastic 180 degree clip-together hinge from EMKA UK 

EMKA's innovative new 1056 180° hinge design packages a number of features of value to specialist enclosure and cabinet builders where it offers rapid fixing, together with high performance and low cost. This new 1056 program hinge is highly suited to simple box and lid installations where substantial quantity production is envisaged at low component cost, such as some electrical, electronic and pneumatic controls or instrumentation.

The novel clip-together design is executed in robust and corrosion-resistant polyamide, complete with plastic push rivet fixings. Since two identical hinge parts are used, they may be clipped together and installed on site using either the expanding pin system or conventional countersunk M5 screws. Both options provide high load capacity of 430N at 1mm deformation. This is comfortably compatible with similar zinc die hinges while cost of purchase and installation show significant savings. The 1056 is 40mm x 40mm and suitable for left hand or right hand fitting.

A presentation on the 1056 hinge is available at

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