EMKA 1011 Series Gasket

Did you know that EMKA offers over 30 different types of gasket profiles to suit all types of cabinet and housing applications?

EMKA’s 1011 series of standard profiles provide sealing levels up to IP65 and is available in materials to ensure the best performance, e.g. by using the durability of PVC with the flexibility of EPDM or the oil resistance of perbunan.

Increasingly more profiles are UL listed (e.g. to UL50) which defines them as suitable for outdoor applications, while others are to UL94HB which refers to their self-extinguishing characteristics.

Most profiles are sold in 50 meter minimum rolls and are stocked in the U.S. for immediate shipment anywhere in the world.

To view or order the full line of EMKA 1011 series gasket, please visit our gasket webpage at SteelCitySupply.com.

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