EMKA EMC/EMI Electro-Magnetic Interference Gasket

EMC versions of our 1016 program attenuate the transmission of electro-magnetic interference across the sealed junction by use of a conductive external skin. Expected applications for 1016 gasket range from gap sealing to noise reduction, e.g. from internal equipment; also vibration damping and impact cushioning on cabinets, furniture and machinery.

1016 series gaskets are produced in neoprene and EPDM, they are self-adhesive for use on clean non-porous surfaces, such as painted/unpainted metal, plastics or on sealed natural materials – varnished timber etc.

Neoprene utilized in the 1016 program tolerates working temperatures of +70°C to -30°C – with fire resistant versions capable within +85°C to -40°C, they offer substantial resistance to many typical commercial/industrial chemicals and gases.