3 Qualities To Look For In An Effective Swinghandle

The difference between a swinghandle that’s high-quality and one that can potentially cause your design to fail isn’t always obvious at first glance. These locking mechanisms can provide durable, reliable security for your enclosure if they’re designed properly, but choosing the right one requires careful attention to subtle details.

Here are three qualities that can help your swinghandle increase the overall quality of your design:

High-Level Security Options

Your swinghandle should offer locking options that should make access easy for authorized users and impossible for unauthorized individuals. Some security features include:

  • Padlock options – A swinghandle that includes a hole for a padlock can give users added peace of mind, especially in the case of a misplaced key or a compromised access code.
  • Electromechanical security – Biometric locks and other high-tech security options eliminate the need for physical keys while facilitating access for large numbers of authorized users.
  • Vandalism protection – Designs made for outdoor use, in particular, should be made of materials like high-performance plastics that can resist breakage and forced entry. Our new swinghandles for outdoor applications (Program 1317) also feature less space between the handle and dish to prevent screwdriver prying.



By implementing just one of these options or combining multiple improved security features, your swinghandle can be an even more effective locking mechanism for your design.

Ergonomic Design

A high-quality swinghandle should be easy and comfortable to use, so long as the right people are using it. This makes high-performance plastics a great option for these locking mechanisms. Their anti-friction properties facilitate mobility between moving parts while preventing corrosion.

Your swinghandle should also be easy to grip once unlocked, even when users are wearing gloves. Tightened features that reduce gaps between moving parts can help prevent dirt and other debris particles from slipping in and causing parts to jam. Authorized users should be able to access your enclosure without a struggle, and a swinghandle that’s designed for efficiency and comfort can help your design offer them a better experience for years to come.

Smooth Surface

A smooth surface isn’t just tactually pleasant – it also prevents damage and vandalism to your swinghandle. Our aforementioned swinghandle for outdoor applications also boasts this feature, which makes dirt and graffiti less likely to stick to its surface or become lodged between parts. A swinghandle with a more abrasive surface, such as lower-quality plastic or metal, can collect dirt and dust, which can degrade the quality of the hardware over time and compromise its security.

Opening The Door To A Better Enclosure

Swinghandles can be a great locking option for both indoor and outdoor enclosures, so long as you choose one that fits the specific needs of your design. A swinghandle that offers security, comfort and ease-of-use, and a surface that preserves its longevity can add significant value to your design while improving the user experience.

Contact us today to learn more about how to choose the best swinghandle for your design.

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