AR8132A APC NEW Combination Lock Handles (Pack of 2ea) Original Equipment

by APC
Save 45%

AR8132A APC® OEM Combination Lock Handles - Swinghandle with two locking options. For single point or multiple point locking system. Swinghandle polyamide gF black powder coated, shaft zinc die zinc plated, round cylinder with stainless steel cap and shutter, fixing material m.s. zinc plated, with seal. Each round cylinder has one silver steel key with polyamide grip gF black.

Note: This handle does not include the APC cam - EMKA equivalent cam included.

For NetShelter SX / SV / VX Enclosures

* The handle (EMKA P/N 1155-SU1 (2 Pack)) is keyed 222 and is supplied with cam (EMKA P/N 1000-S721-JB)

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