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69844-C1 VCT.32 B-M6-C2 Elesa Knob

69844-C1 VCT.32 B-M6-C2 Elesa Knob

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Brand: Elesa
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Weight: 0.15 lb
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High-resilience polypropylene based (PP) technopolymer, black colour, matte finish.  VCT.25: glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based (PA) technopolymer.

Coloured centre cap

Technopolymer, matte finish. Not available for VCT.25.

On request and for sufficient quantities, it can be supplied in other colours or with customised graphic symbols, marks or writings.

Standard executions

  • VCT-A: black-oxide steel boss, plain blind hole.
  • VCT-B: brass boss, threaded blind hole (VCT.25 - 95) or threaded pass-through hole (VCT.32 - 40 - 50 - 63 - 74).
  • VCT.FP: brass boss, threaded pass-through hole.
  • VCT-p: zinc-plated steel threaded stud, chamfered flat end according to UNI 947 : ISO 4753 (seeᅠTechnical data).

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