426617 CFSW.110-6-2NO+2NC-F-B-5 Hinge with built-in safety multiple switch

by Elesa
SKU 426617

Hinge body: self-extinguish high-rigidity SUPER-technopolymer, black colour.
Resistant to solvents, oils, greases and other chemical agents.
Rotation pin: glass-fibre reinforced polyamide-based tecnopolymer (PA), black colour.
Assembly kit(see assembly instructions):
n°4 technopolymer covers (fig.3).
n°4 technopolymer bushings (fig.4 e fig.5).
n°2 thermoplastic elastomer safety plugs (fig.7) to guarantee IP67 protection class.
Switch: four slow action electrical contacts with double interruption Zb shaped (see IEC EN 60947-5-1) wich can be set in normally open (NO) or normally closed (NC) mode in production.
Positive opening in compliance with IEC EN 60947-5-1 annex K: the separation of the electrical contacts is the direct result of an actuator action on which an action force is applied by means of non elastic elements, that is to say not dependant on, for example, spring-like elements.
The contact elements guarantee a self-cleaning action of the silver-alloy pastes.
Thanks to its housing made out of SUPER-technopolymer, the CFSW hinge guarantees the double insulation of the internal circuits, therefore there is no need of grounding connection. Furthermore, the housing protects the electric contacts from shocks, atmospheric agents and accidental penetration of tools.