1011-09-E EMKA EMC EMI Gasketing Electromagnetic Compatibility

SKU 1011-09-E
Sold in 25 Meter (82 Feet) Rolls Only

EMKA's EMI shielding products attenuate "aperture leakage" of electromagnetic radiation. These help the fabricator to produce cost effective EMC enclosures. 

Gasketing does double duty, it solves the main EMI problem: leakage around the door, and also provides a water and dust barrier (not to NEMA 4).  This gasketing is relatively easy to install, reducing both total cost and the possibility of error.

For optimal shielding the gasket must be grounded to both the door and the frame of the enclosure. For steel or aluminum the metal must be masked so that the conductivity is not compromised by corrosion.  Conductive tape is easy to install and gives a very reliable, long lasting, conductive surface that is highly resistant to even galvanic corrosion.  

EMI gasket is also available in 4 rectangular sections: ½" x 1/8", ½" x ¼", 8 x 5mm and 15 x 4mm.  These are constructed from the same conductive fabric over polyurethane foam. All sections have a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side.