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About Steel City Supply

We are an Industrial Solution Provider

Our electro-mechanical industrial customers come to us for different reasons . . . 
Some use our sales skills to help market their products.  Others might utilize our light manufacturing capabilities to procure identification products.  Some employ our knowledge of global strategic sourcing to access high quality value-priced mechanical parts.  Even more customers use our online marketplace to acquire high-precision, high-quality mechanical parts with speed and convenience.
No matter the reason, our customers come to Steel City Supply because we are a superior Industrial Solution Provider.

Our Mission is... 
To provide high-precision, high-quality mechanical products to customers in the electro-mechanical industrial market.

Our Vision is...
To be the best electro-mechanical industrial solution provider in our market.

Our Core Values are to...
  • Provide Superior Customer Service.
    • We strive to deliver superior customer service by investing in: training and professional development for our employees, leading-edge systems and software that assist us in aiding our customers, and employing best-in-class customer service practices.
  • Deliver Great Value to our Customers.
    • We understand that the unit price of a component is only part of the Total Acquisition Cost. In addition to our commitment to competitive pricing, we are also focused on delivering maximum value by keeping other costs like logistics and overhead, down.
  • Strive for Continuous Improvement.
    • Tomorrow we will be a better company than we were today.  We continuously document, track, and analyze key performance indicators as we endeavor to become the best organization we can be.
  • Facilitate Teamwork and Collaboration.
    • Our team and our longstanding partnerships with our customers are the backbone of our company.  Our commitment to teamwork and collaboration with our internal and external stakeholders helps to create a culture of trust and respect while also maximizing productivity.
  • Support Our Local Community.
    • We are aspiring leaders who help to support our community, by investing funds and talent in organizations and projects that make our community stronger.

Our Customers . . .