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Steel City Supply BLOG — BioLock

Cabinet and Enclosure Hardware Developments at EMKA in the 21st Century

Posted by Dana Wangler on

Much has happened since the Millennium where the feedback over those years from developing products to keep pace with industrial needs has driven the development of ubiquitous items like quarter-turn locks and latches which form a core range with companies such as EMKA (UK). In the 1990’s a typical ¼ turn lock was IP54 rated […]

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Security Today is more than Just Locking

Posted by EMKA UK on

Security Today is more than Just Locking – today, the standard set for modern IT–Infrastructure requires the highest level of physical security and has driven the development forward from a purely mechanical handle to a mechatronic handle system. This is something which our Electronics Business unit understands very well, which is why we developed our Biometric […]

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