New Elesa ESP Series Safety Handles

Elesa has launched a new component that can significantly help in the construction of machines and equipment in which safety is effectively guaranteed

Elesa's new ESP series of safety guard handles are specifically designed for the protection of the operator, where double-leaf doors are mounted, ensuring safety when used.

The ESP series handles are made of polyamide based technopolymer, resistant to corrosion, oils, solvents and other chemical agents. They are especially designed to fit machine guards or automation systems with double-leaf doors. Their complete frontal closure constitutes a safety feature for the operator's fingers when opening and closing doors.

The ESP handle, in addition to its original and awarded design, offers the possibility to combine a colored cap, in six Ergostyle colors, with two further advantages: they can easily fit the aesthetics of the machines and equipment they are destined to and they improve the visibility of the handle itself.

You can see more info and purchase here:

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