How High-Visibility Hardware Can Value And Security To Your Design

The protection of contents within your container depends on both the structural integrity of the container itself and the security capabilities of its hardware. The people handling the container also play a huge role in the safety of the enclosure, and making their job easier can be as simple as choosing the right locks and latches for your design.

High-visibility features on the hardware you spec into your design can add security without being economically wasteful. By including these parts, your enclosure can gain value as being a cost- and time-efficient design that succeeds even if the people handling it make mistakes.

Here’s how high-visibility hardware can improve your container:

Cost-Efficient Safety Solutions

High-visibility locking mechanisms can provide a simple way to check whether or not your enclosure is secure. While some designs can benefit from (and even require) high-tech locks that can quickly communicate whether or not a door is closed, others can get the same security feature from a simpler lock with high-visibility indicators.

For example, our compression latch with visual open status indication gains another layer of security with a simple red ring. This feature is cost-efficient and low-tech, but still allows workers to check from a distance whether or not an enclosure is open.

Time-Saving Security

In busy work environments, every second counts. The time that personnel may spend double-checking every single lock on a group of enclosures can be better spent on other tasks. Worse, employees who are in a rush may improperly check a lock or accidentally skip it altogether, compromising the integrity of the products inside.

Products such as our “double red” compression latches for storage containers (Program 1000) offer a much quicker solution. Red indicators make it immediately obvious when an enclosure is or isn’t secure, even from a distance. A cursory glance can tell personnel whether or not they need to check the latch, and the bright red color can cause an unsecured enclosure to catch a worker’s eye even when they’re not specifically looking for problems.


Reduced Human Error

Even the most diligent workers make occasional mistakes. Unfortunately, when it comes to sensitive materials within an enclosure, even small oversights can be disastrous. Forgetting to properly seal an enclosure can be a difficult mistake to detect unless your workers are actively checking for it, and an obvious visual indicator can be the difference between a safe container and thousands of dollars in lost product.

Workers may be less likely to forget to lock an enclosure in the first place if they learn to recognize a high-visibility indicator to confirm that the container is sealed. This hardware can also reduce the need to rely on the word of other workers, instead depending on an obvious visual cue to determine whether or not an enclosure is correctly closed.

A Design That Gets The Green Light

Simply adding a bit of color to a closing mechanism can mean the difference between security and failure in your design. High-visibility hardware can make your enclosure more economically sound while saving time and reducing the chances of problems do to human error.

Contact us today to learn more about how high-visibility hardware can help you design a more secure enclosure.

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