EMKA L Handles offer Padlock Security

EMKA padlockable L handleControl cabinets often require dual level security to prevent unauthorised entry – our stylish answer to this is based on the traditional ergonomic L handle with locking insert – this Program 1000 unit accepts a variety of padlock options.

The 1000 L + Padlock handle is available in black or chrome finish and will accept 7mm to 10mm dia padlock hasps. In addition our extensive range of round lock inserts can be applied to the control cylinder as well as slam lock action. Based, as it is, on the existing L handle, this 1000 series item offers IP65 protection and is capable of being used with existing EMKA rod lock systems both inside the gasketing andoutside  plus our range of ¼ turn cams.

Applications therefore extend from wall-mounted enclosures with single point closure, up to 2m plus cabinets with multi-point closure and gasket pull down. Once again a single standard 20mm square cut-out is used for mounting – thus keeping installation quick and simple.

Sources: http://www.emkablog.co.uk/l-handle-offers-padlock-security/

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