3 Must-Have Qualities To Look For In An Electronic Locking System

Electronic locking systems can significantly improve the security of your enclosure, and their technology has only improved with time. Choosing the right system for your design requires selecting features that provide enhanced protection and ease of use.

When deciding on an electronic locking system, search for one with these important features:

Multiple Authentication Options

While some locking systems may provide the desired level of security with just a card reader, enclosures containing more sensitive materials should be protected with more complex security features. A locking system that features not only a keycard reader, but also biometric authentication (such as fingerprint sensors) and remote opening capabilities. Having multiple authentication options allows users to customize their security preferences, reassuring them that their materials will be both securely protected and easily accessible to the right people.

Backup Power Sources

One of the potential downfalls of an electronic locking system is that if its power source is disabled or eliminated, it can cease to operate. When choosing a locking system to fit your needs, search for one that accounts for emergency power situations by including a feature like a USB port that can connect to external power sources. Otherwise, users might find themselves unable to open their enclosure in the event of a power outage.

Detailed Logging System

One of the features that gives electronic locking systems an edge over traditional locks is their ability to do more than simply keep a door closed. A centralized logging system provides better access gives users better information about how their enclosure is being accessed, which can be crucial in cases of theft or misuse. A locking system that keeps a record of events can increase security by telling users about:

  • Failed entry attempts
  • Successful entry attempts
  • Time between openings and re-lockings

Ensuring that your lock includes a logging system provides extra peace of mind, guaranteeing that users are fully informed on the details of their enclosure’s access.

The Future of Locking

Electronic locking systems have definitive advantages over traditional locks, and choosing one with the right features can drastically increase the value of your design. A locking system that offers both increased security and improved accessibility can make your enclosure stand out from the competition.

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