3 Important Reasons To Include Edge Profiling In Your Design

A well-designed enclosure deserves to be protected. Not all designers, however, find it necessary to protect their container with edge profiling. This part may not seem crucial for an effective enclosure at first, but without it, your design’s functionality and value may be compromised.

Here’s what high-quality edge protection can contribute to your design:

User Protection

A truly effective enclosure protects its users just as it protects its contents. Neglecting to implement edge profiling into your design, however, can put personnel at risk for both mild injuries such as scrapes and serious wounds that may require hospitalization.

Rather than subjecting workers to sharp corners and edges, including edge profiling in your design can ensure that the risk of bodily harm they incur from bumping up against the sharper parts of the enclosure is reduced or eliminated. Profiling made from PVC or EPDM – such as one of the variations of edge protection offered by EMKA (Program 1010) – provides a much safer point of contact and helps make edge safety a non-issue for your enclosure.


A Barrier To The Outside (Or Inside)

Edge protection can also keep unwanted substances from entering or exiting through small gaps in your enclosure. While leaving your design’s edges and corners uncovered can leave it unprotected, including this part can help solve problems associated with:

  • Dirt, dust, metallic particles, and other frictional substances
  • Unmuffled noise from machinery and moving parts within the enclosure
  • Moisture and corrosion

Edge profiling doesn’t just protect the edges of your design – it also protects the valuable contents inside it.

Solutions For A Stylish Enclosure

While appearance certainly isn’t the most important factor when developing an enclosure, it can help increase your design’s value. Even if the rest of your enclosure is perfectly functional, chipped paint or an unfinished appearance can make the durability of the finished product seem compromised.

Speccing edge protection into your design improves the look of your enclosure both immediately and long-term. The addition can provide a finished appearance to your container, and as the design is exposed to the elements over time, the profile can also protect against scratches and paint deterioration. These factors may not determine the functionality of your enclosure, but they still affect how consumers will view the overall quality of your design.


Designing On The Edge

Edge profiling may not be one of the most obviously crucial parts of your design, but speccing it in can have a major positive impact on the value of your enclosure. The effect of edge protection on personnel safety, sealing capabilities, and overall aesthetic makes it an important part for any designer on a mission to create a high-quality container.

Contact us today to learn more about how edge profiling can increase the value of your design.

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