New 1000 Program Polyamide housing for quarter-turn locks

1000 program polyamide housing for EMKA quarter-turn locks

Our market leading quarter-turn locks in the 1000 program have recently been given an alternative 30mm housing in polyamide which offers lower cost and better outdoor longevity for these popular locks.

1000 program locks offer sealing to IP65 and above dependant on specification. Now it is possible to select this polyamide housing combined with stainless steel lock cylinder or other insert for exceptional corrosion resistance at significantly lower cost than an all stainless assembly.

The well proven EMKA modular system and our commitment to stock and service enable supply of complete assemblies of mixed material locks to optimise requirements against specific installations. Thus for example using the polyamide housing and cam with a stainless steel lock cylinder for the ultimate blend of longevity, sealing, performance and cost saving.

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