Hardware package for specialist industrial cabinets

EMKA hardware package for specialist industrial cabinets

Free standing control cabinets, suites of cabinets, industrial cabinets for many purposes, all share the need for secure door closure and sealing – which is where we come in with our package of “everything but the cabinet”.

Typically, door closure is taken care of with a traditional L handle such as the 1000 program, either non-locking or key locked and available in chrome or black zinc die, as well as in polyamide. Manual operation is normally facilitated by one of our modular rod locking systems – using either round or flat rods supported by a choice of some 17 rod guide designs which enable robust and quick assembly of a multi-point closure system. Multi-point closure implies a compressible gasket to provide sealing and a suitable solution is often the 1011 series of clip-on “P” section sealing strips which grip the cabinet flange so as to seal on the door.

Hinging for such an installation is often provided by the 1110 program of quick-fit 180° hinges. These robust chrome or black zinc die hinges may be rapidly fitted/demounted by virtue of their pull out retaining hinge pin with the whole assembly securely concealed behind the door flange.

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